Inspiring Young Latina of the Week: Amy Davila

Twenty-year-old Amy Davila has her eye on the prize. She consistently uses her rampant creativity to better herself and prop open the door for opportunity to come rushing her way. Her drive to continue to push herself toward greater things has encouraged others to pursue their dreams and is the reason we have chosen her to be our inspiring young Latina this week!

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Here’s Why Amy Inspires Us:

This semester Amy will graduate from College of Dupage located in Ellyn, Illinois, with her Associate of Arts degree. The motivated Guatemalan-American, who hails from Chicago, is not ending her education there. Her 3.8 GPA should prove helpful as she works tirelessly to search out scholarships to make her financially able to support herself as she seeks to achieve her bachelor’s degree and dreams of becoming a writer.

During her time at College of Dupage, while demanding high academic standards of herself, she also joined Phi Theta Kappa, had one of her poems published in a school paper and this fall even studied abroad at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Just listing a few of her many accomplishments is beginning to tire us out mate!

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As a hobby Amy makes short films. She is currently creating one for a scholarship she received that documents her time in Australia, and she is concurrently working with her study abroad advisor to develop a series of videos of other study abroad students to be featured on the college’s website. Her ambitions to be a writer have guided her to dabbling in screen writing and animation, which led her to produce a short stop motion using clay animation characters.

“She works really hard,” wrote Amy’s sister, Sindy Davila. “She says she does the things she does because she enjoys doing them. In my eyes she’s an inspiration. She has talent and I expect great things to continue to happen in her life…She makes our family proud and we look forward to her following all of her dreams.”

We hope that you never stop pushing yourself toward greater things, and we too would love nothing more to see you achieve the many plans that you have for yourself.