Inspiring Latina of the Week: Triathlete Aurora Colello

How do you feel that you influence the Latino community with your work?

I hope I help others understand that they need to live a preventative lifestyle (health, fitness, lifestyle changes) so that they never have to sit in a doctor's office and receive a diagnosis like I did 5 years ago. I also hope to inspire others to step outside of their comfort zones when it comes to fitness, and take an out of the box approach to their diagnosis if they are sick. 

What gives you the most pride about being Latina?

Everything! I take great pride in being Latina and I teach our four kids to have that same pride. I am proud of my culture and heritage. I am proud that my parents made the great sacrifice to leave  their country and family to give us a better life, here in the U.S. I am proud of how strong Latina women have become over the years and that we have become amazing role models for our children and our communities.

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