Inspiring Latina of the Week: Triathlete Aurora Colello

As far as diet and exercise go, what does a typical day look like for you?

I always make sure to get plenty of rest. I also start my day in meditation, it's important to begin with a calm and peaceful mind. I then make it a point to take certain supplements, I follow a very strict supplement regimen and believe that they are necessary for our health.

Many of us, even if you are a healthy eater, are deficient in nutrients and that can affect our physical, mental and emotional health. I also make sure to get a lot of my protein from plant based foods. I stay away from processed foods and focus on nourishing my body with whole foods, which simply means, no fake stuff.  My exercise regimen depends on what race I am training for. Last year, I raced a half Ironman and I was training sometimes 13 hours a week. As I prepare to race the Nautica Malibu Triathlon presented by Equinox, I train about 6 days a week, alternating swimming, biking and running. I have great trainer, Felipe Loureiro, from Breakaway Training that sets up my training schedule for me to make sure that I am not just prepared to race but helps me to push myself past my limits.

What do you enjoy about triathlons?

The thing I love most about triathlons is that is a sport that makes you break your limiting beliefs. We hear about swimming 1.2 miles in the ocean, biking 56 miles and then running 13.1 miles, one after another, all in one day, and we think, I could NEVER do that! Then you do it, and you think, Wow! I did that! What else can I do that I don't think I can do? The answer is ANYTHING!

It really changes you and challenges you on so many levels! I also love what it has done for my body, not necessarily how I look, but how physically and mentally strong I have become.  I believe a fit woman is a powerful woman!