Inspiring Latina of the Week: Triathlete Aurora Colello

You are a mother of four who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After being diagnosed with M.S. you used fitness as your primary form of treatment. What made you decide to go that route?

I actually use both fitness and diet to treat MS. It has to be a total lifestyle change. You can't have optimal health and wellness if you only eat well but don't exercise, and you can't exercise but not eat well. They both go hand in hand. When I completely lost vision in my right eye 5 years ago, the top neurologists in San Diego told me I would never get my vision back, that I had 10 lesions on my brain and that it was very likely that I would get more in time. They told me I had a progressive, incurable disease. After being blind for a month, I found out about a holistic center in my area that took a more natural approach. When I got there, they put me in a room on a massage table and began to massage my neck. I thought the guy was crazy!

I told him that I did not need a massage, I needed information, I needed help! I was blind and sick and had four kids under 7 at home to take care of. He explained that my optic nerve connected though my neck, and that by doing this massage it would help to bring my vision back. I thought he did not know what he was talking about since the top neurologist had specifically told me that my vision would not come back.

I was sent home after the "massage" with a bag full of supplements that he said my body was deficient in and a list of diet changes that I needed to make. I went home and reluctantly followed the supplement and diet recommendations. Two days after the massage and changes, I began seeing blurry lights. A few days later I began seeing spots of color. Two weeks after that massage, my vision was back, even better than before. I wear contact lenses and was due for a check up  during the time I was blind in my eye.

When I went back, the Dr. said she needed to decrease the prescription in my right eye because my vision had gone up. That's when I realized that there was something to making lifestyle changes. I was blind and now I could see, despite what the best doctors had told me.  At that moment I decided to take the alternative, natural-holistic, route to dealing with this disease.