Inspiring Latina of the Week: Scientist & Community Leader Lina Oliveros

What advice do you have for other Latinas who want to get involved with helping the environment?

There are no direct roads to secure a spot in the environmental field. It took me several attempts to be where I am today and a lot of self-conviction as well as having a clear understanding of where I wanted to go. Strategize your career path, research before you commit to a school or a position, make sure to know yourself and what you can commit to. Don't set yourself up for failure. Always do your work with love. No matter where your journey starts, work intelligently, be grateful and plan your next steps. I was once told "If you don't have a plan, someone will make it for you." Plan your career and life, allowing time for yourself, family, friends and God. Set your life's priorities straight!

What gives you the most pride about being Latina?

I am so proud of being a Latina for many reasons! The love and respect embedded from my family and parents towards God, the environment, the elderly, for life and my superiors. I'm proud of the femininity and manners taught from the females of the house, the innovation and resourcefulness of making the best out nothing. The love and compassion towards one another and that warrior sprit that never gives up, regardless of the circumstances. Those are just some of the many reasons that I feel deeply proud to be a Latina.

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