Inspiring Latina of the Week: Runner & Athlete Brenda Martinez

Of all the events to choose from, how did you end up as a middle distance runner?

I just felt that it suited me best. I think I can’t handle a lot of strength for distance stuff but I find it more enjoyable right now to run these events. I think if I’m going to move up in distance it’s going to take me some time to adapt to that kind of training and I’m kind of working at it but I’ve been doing the same event since I was five.

What advice would you give Latinas who are looking to start running?

I think you just do it. You run just for a healthy living. You don’t have to be fast. It’s a matter of believing and pushing yourself to your potential.

What advice do you have for Latina readers in pursuing their own dreams?

I feel like the biggest thing for me was just believing. Every day I try to find ways to make myself happy, whether that’s watching my favorite television show or talking to my husband or looking at photos. You know honestly trying to be in a good mood everyday is what’s going to attract good things in your life. So I use it for training. I use it to do things. I'm always trying to be a positive person.

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