Inspiring Latina of the Week: Runner & Athlete Brenda Martinez

In your race at the World Championships you fought for the bronze medal.  Can you talk through that race?

Before the race it was so loud. They actually had to call us off for a little bit because the stadium was too loud. They finally managed to get the whole stadium to calm down because we had two Russians in our race. The crowd was rooting for them. It was their homeland. I honestly don’t even remember almost the whole race. I just remember the last 100m where we were all together and I just thought "I have to bleed for coach [Joe Vigil]. Just give it everything you have to the line, just don’t give up." And I didn’t even know I got third like [for] two minutes after the race, I just didn’t know.

One of the USATF [USA Track & Field officials] was holding the flag and calling me, "come here, come get the flag, so you can do your victory lap," and then I was like "Oh my God," because I was looking for the results on the jumbo screen. So I guess there were two of them at the stadium but I guess I was looking at the wrong screen. And I was like, "I don’t know what the results were should I just step off the track?"  When they told me I got third I went nuts. I started crying. It was a good feeling, so you know I find myself smiling everyday like all day [laughs].