Inspiring Latina of the Week: Runner & Athlete Brenda Martinez

Did they come from an athletic background?

Kind of. My Mom said when she was in Mexico her Godfather made her run a lot. He was a boxer in Mexico City. 

Why running as opposed to gymnastics or swimming or any other sport?

It’s actually a funny story. When I was little I was bad, so if my Mom didn’t hit me with the belt I would actually just run and she would never catch me.  So she kind of knew I had these "wheels," so why not put me in track?

How else were your parents helpful to you?

Honestly, they were parents.  They did everything to support all of us [an older brother and an older sister]. They were working fulltime jobs, just trying to keep us all in line.  It was so hard for them to buy me spikes to compete in and clothes to work out in. There were times when it was difficult, but I think we were fine for the most part.