Inspiring Latina of the Week: Radio Personality & Plus-Size Model Jaylah Sandoval

Inspiring Latina of the Week: Radio Personality & Plus-Size Model Jaylah Sandoval
Algis Infante

Talk about a powerhouse: as a second-generation Latina, Jaylah Sandoval has managed to cross market between American and Latino broadcast and television markets at such a young age. With her sweet voice and charisma, Sandoval has been a hit on the Latin radio airwaves as a personality on Alex Sensation’s #1 show on Spanish Broadcasting System’s La Mega 97.9 FM in New York and El Zol in Miami. For her work ethic and amazing determination, Sandoval is this week's Inspiring Latina!

"The fire that keeps me motivated is a door closing on me or when someone tells me 'that's impossible to do.' At that point, I know I need to shift gears and place action steps to prove it can get done for good and for the right reasons. As a Latina and female in the entertainment industry, I aim to break barriers. I know with my motivation and accomplishments I will help other young Latinas like me create new trends and have more opportunities.

Plus, the five-year-old child inside of me who fell in love with the industry motivates me to move in the footsteps of those I grew up listening to or watching. I fell in love with the people in the industry and it gets me motivated to keep their legacy alive, and also implement my American upbringing.”

Sandoval understands what it means to start from the bottom and work her way up with grace and great work ethic. Her career started as an intern for Power95.3 in Orlando and over the past few years Sandoval has developed her passion into multi-faceted skills both behind-the-scenes and in front of many different audiences. Her Latino background has been crucial in her becoming who she is and getting thus far:

“The Latino culture is one I wouldn't change for the world. I'm a beyond proud to be Salvadoreña/Tica. It has made me who I am today and has influenced me because I was born into two worlds - Latin and American. Being Latina means incorporating my family's values and morals into what I represent. When I started my career, I stepped into the American entertainment market and with my upbringings and influences, I can consider myself part of this emerging 'Spanglish' market that is setting a new precedent.”

While living her dream everyday in New York City, Sandoval continues to expand and grow. She likes to represent all different women and is proud to be a plus-size model. She hopes to represent confident females and hopes that her integrity and hard work will pay off, while inspiring a new generation of women to pursue their dreams without compromising or fear.

“Some of my influences have been: Angie Martinez; the cross-over queen, J.Lo; the legend, Oprah; and the amazing DJ Laz, who's the reason I started in the radio business. All of these amazing people started with no resources and have proved themselves to be relatable by being who they are. They have continued to work hard to be relevant and their dedication has empowered them to reinvent themselves by sharing realistic struggles within our industry.

With plans to continue making waves for this new generation Sandoval likes to remember this quote when times get rough: "'Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement' was one of the first quotes to be shared with me when I first started in the business and it's my daily reminder that keeps me going."