Inspiring Latina of the Week: 'Loving Curves Collective' Founder & CEO Jessica Medina

What advice do you have for Latinas who want to follow in your footsteps as a business owner and a writer?

For starters, to be themselves! Not to change who they are or their values to “fit” in or feel like they need to be like everyone else to succeed. We are all talented and we must show our skills through our own uniqueness. Never give up on what you want regardless of the voices around you telling you to do so. Have patience. Great things take time. Most things that come fast end fast, and we want stability and long-term results. Study your craft and most importantly, enjoy what you do. Remember that your work has value and don’t settle for less.

How do you feel that you influence the Latino community your work?  

Through my company Loving Curves Collective, I am always giving opportunity to women who are not "models" in the traditional sense. I love to see them look and feel beautiful, whether they are part of a photo shoot, fashion show, or anything else.

My contributions to community events like the American Diabetes Association is also important to me and hopefully motivating for others. Being a public advocate and visiting schools, having talks with students, and showing them my work is important. I want to let them know that the only obstacle we have is ourselves.

Lastly, my work as a writer and celebrity interviewer, I hope, influences the Latino community by always showing professionalism and reflecting a positive message through my work and always supporting Latino talent.

What gives you the most pride about being Latina?

Everything! I love our people, music, food our culture is just beautiful. Latinos are just happy and exciting people. We are talented and hardworking and I am proud to be a Latina!

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