Inspiring Latina of the Week: 'Loving Curves Collective' Founder & CEO Jessica Medina

You are the founder and CEO of Loving Curves Collective. Tell us a little about this company and why you decided to start it!

Loving Curves Collective is a women empowerment company and (soon-to-be) online store. We empower curvy women to rock those curves, educate curvy women on how to show them off, and cultivate designers to showcase the beauty of curvy women. I decided to establish this company because after I had my children I faced the struggle of many women in turning back to the size three I was before. Instead of taking a negative approach I embraced my size and decided I wanted to do something to encourage other women to feel good too. I noticed the gap in the fashion industry, where if it’s not "petite" it's "plus size" and I wanted to do something for the woman in between: the woman of today who can also wear trendy clothing being a size 10 to 16.

In addition to being the CEO of Loving Curves Collective, you are also a celebrity interviewer and writer for Yahoo! Voices. How did you fall into this line of work?  

I have more than 7 years as a freelance entertainment reporter. I have worked with many online shows and national TV Networks. I write independently for Yahoo! Voices but also contributed as a writer for Interactive One Company website Zona De Sabor. I have a passion for media and being creative is one of my biggest strengths. Most of my work I have produced I seek for the talent, compose the questions and more.

Is there a favorite celebrity that you’ve had the chance to interview?

I have interviewed many celebrities, both English and Spanish talent, and have many favorites. Some standouts include Emilio Estefan, JenCarlos Canela, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and Jacqueline Bracamontes. Most recently I interviewed Hollywood Actor Jason Statham, Hollywood Actress Kristin Wiig and Boxer Manny Pacquiao, to name a few.