Inspiring Latina of the Week: DJ & Doula Kyra Caruso

Working as a DJ you have played for many celebrities. Do you have a favorite celebrity that you had the chance of meeting? 

I can’t name a favorite as I admire and respect all of the many hardworking artists and musicians who have strived to make music a part of their lives. Although the rewards for some can be great, more often than not it’s not an easy road to take and it is one that can involve a lot of personal sacrifice. The highs may be high but the lows even lower.

I usually love spending time with musicians/artists though, as we have a share - my love for music, it’s something that unites us. I’ve enjoyed meeting Maxwell and Raphael Saadiq for this reason and because I love and regularly play their music. I would love to meet Prince as he’s one of my favorite artists. 

What advice do you have for anyone who would like to become a DJ or a doula?

For me it’s important to give back to my community and although it can at times be a struggle to combine my DJing and travel with my work as a doula it’s always worth it to see the happiness and love of the mother once her baby is born.

In regards to becoming a DJ, one has to be a fan of music first and foremost. With this base one needs to learn the DJ equipment and simply start playing out – whether it is your friend’s birthday party or your neighborhood bar.

To work as a doula one needs formal training through DONA International and get certified as a doula. I recommend to everyone to volunteer if they are able to. It really enhances your life and helps you to understand what’s really important in life. Helping people brings wonderful rewards of it’s own - seeing someone's life turned around for the better.

If you are persistent and do not give up you will see positive results and what might have been a hobby at first can become your career in the future.

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