Inspiring Latina of the Week: DJ & Doula Kyra Caruso

Birth is such a magical, empowering and life-changing experience, but it can be traumatizing and stressful, if the setting for mother and child is not ideal. Living in New York I realized that so many women do not have a proper support network that would ensure them to have a safe, supportive and natural childbirth. With that in mind I became a doula and have since been focused assisting women within my community. My work with immigrant, single and low-income women is of particular importance to me, as these women often get the least support. I can also identify with immigrant women, as I know from my own experiences how difficult it can be to start a new life in another country, where so many things are different and one usually lacks a big family support network. This can be a very vulnerable time, where women need a proper guidance and compassion.

With djing, I grew up in a musical household – my stepdad a classically trained musician from Argentina and my mother a music aficionado, passed on their love of music to me.

For as long as I can remember I loved creating playlists for other people. First it was all about mix-tapes then mix-CDs and now online DJ mixes. I even have expectant mothers ask me to put together special birthing playlists to accompany the arrival of their babies!

How do you feel like your Mexican heritage impacts your life and your work?

My heritage is very important to me, it’s made me who I am today – My father is Mexican and my mother is Austrian and both cultures and families have influenced my life tremendously. I have great pride in my Mexican roots. I love the Mexican way of life and I love spending time with my family there. To me Mexican society is very much about family and community, working it out through thick and thin and celebrating life no matter how challenging it may be - La gran fiesta, sin embargo!

Mexicans are extremely loving, passionate and artistic people and I am inspired by our cuisine, Mexican musical/folkloric traditions, fashion and art (from fine art, architecture to film). Furthermore, Mexico has always been a hub for intellectuals from around the world.

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