Inspiring Latina of the Week: DJ & Doula Kyra Caruso

“Beyond Words” is a project through which I also hope to touch people. It’s a music therapy doula outreach program that I have created for expectant mothers and parents of newborns and it focuses on incorporating the power of music with personal support from professionals in the fields of childbirth, early childhood education, music and music-therapy.

I will be bringing “Beyond Words” to the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership – a place that offers volunteer doulas and prenatal education to low-income families, single parents, and immigrant mothers – this fall at NMPP. I will also be taking the project to Mexico.

I developed the concept with my Russian grandfather Igor Caruso in mind. He was a leading psychotherapist in Austria and he spent a lot of time researching natural childbirth and the different outcomes depending on whether or not the birth was a natural or medicated one.

Alongside Beyond Words, I created a donation-only prenatal yoga and walking group for mothers-to-be called “Walk Talk Yoga”. The group meet from Spring to Fall on Saturday mornings in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It’s a great way for mothers-to-be to keep active and bond by sharing experiences with other mothers and mothers-to-be.

What drew you to this line of work?

My work as a doula came from the desire of wanting to help other women. I grew up with very strong inspirational women such as my Austrian mother and my Mexican grandmother. Natural childbirth has always been a given within my surroundings, including home births.

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