Inspiring Young Latina: Stephanie Flor

Stephanie Flor, 25, believes in the power of universal beauty. The Costa Rican and Ecuadorian make-up artist jumpstarted the all-natural beauty hub, Around The World Beauty, which features historical cultural beauty traditions for modern day women. The savvy businesswoman also volunteers to makeover senior citizens through a partnership with the program, GlamourGals.

Get to know this inspiring chica below!

What led you to a career in beauty?

"I would say my fascination for re-creating looks and transforming faces. I became obsessed with the power of makeup, and how it could instantly change a feeling and style."

What's the best thing about being a make-up artist?

"All the great people you meet! No day is the same, and when you do something you love it never feels like work. Beauty is something we all have in common, everyone can relate to being beautiful and seeing beauty around us at all times."

How did you jumpstart Around The World Beauty?

"After graduating college with an entrepreneurship mentality, I asked myself what I could do for the rest of my life to feel complete. I knew it had to do with beauty, and traveling, but I also had a fascination with documentaries, philosophy, and historical archives so I put it all together and said this is what I’m going to do! Easier said then done, but I live and breathe my vision so its always in the making."

What's your advice to other Latinas who want to pursue your career path?

"Surround yourself with the best artists, ask questions, and practice. Doing makeup is more than applying blush and shadow it takes a trained eye to know what makes things pop, and how to bring forward peoples’ best features. Makeup is so much fun, and working I mean really working takes true professionalism, character, and patience. The career is filled with great stories and great achievements, but you have to work for them."

What's the best part about being Latina?

"The best thing about being Latina is the confidence and beauty we radiate to the world. My family is from Costa Rica and Ecuador, and I believe that we have a loving free spirit and energy within us. Latinas are one of a kind especially if your raised on good values as most of us are."

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