Inspiring Young Latina: Martha Debayle

After noticing a lack of coverage geared toward Latina moms, Martha Debayle began building her own niche multimedia franchise, BBMundo, back in 2000. Now she is one of the most influential Latinas in Latin America and was recently named the spokesperson for the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème Pro-Keratine Hair Color Collection.

The Nicaraguan entrepreneur, who resides in Mexico, manages a media empire reporting on women’s health, pregnancy and fertility, child development and general parenting advice. 

We spoke to the wife and mother-of-two about her success and how she manages to inspire millions of Latinas everyday.

You launched BBMundo to offer an outlet for new Latina moms. What was the beginning process like for you?

“I think that it was an amazing discovery. I realized how many internal resources I had, how resilient I was, and how I had an innate creative streak. I think that as Latinas, sometimes we doubt our natural abilities and sometimes find it hard to believe in ourselves. In the process of proving to others what I was capable of achieving I was actually also proving it to myself. It has been the biggest gift to myself, realizing everything that I had no idea that I could actually do.”

What was the most challenging part of launching the company?

“In emerging markets like all countries of Latin America, especially 12 years ago when bbmundo was born, it was extremely difficult to raise capital, to make investors believe in a company that was headed by a woman. I think it was a great lesson. If you realize and accept that you will probably have to spend double the effort than a man and you accept that, then you will get to where you deserve!"

What's the best part about being Latina?

“The freedom of being ultra-feminine! The family traditions and the over mothering!”

What was the best lesson you learned from your mother?

“My mom is a mother of very strong convictions, and very congruent between what she thinks, feels, says, and does, and a woman who has been disciplined and consistent. I think that seeing her as I grew up was a great example in my public and private life. As a public persona, credibility in front of the public has everything to do with that congruence, and making good decisions throughout your career.”

How do you give back to your community?

“I believe that our mission in this life is always to give, and God has given us different talents and blessings to do that in different ways. The gift of communicating and being a positive influence in other people's lives has given me the opportunity of using my voice to give people relevant content that educates them in order to make better decisions for themselves, their lives, and their families. Also I have used my media outlets to support foundations that work with children, nutrition, cancer, education, housing, etc. I am an ambassador to UNICEF’s, Aldeas Infantiles SOS.”

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