Inspiring Young Latina: Astrid Sarmiento

Colombian and Honduran-American, Astrid Sarmiento, 23, loves putting her art design knowledge to good use. The Queens native is working towards her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Web Design from The New York City College of Technology and interning at the start-up company, Wordever. Find out more about her story and how she gives back to her community below!

What inspired you to pursue a career in design?

"Ever since I could remember, I wanted to pursue a career in the arts. Writing, photography, and design have always been a passion and interest of mine. When I was growing up, I was always drawn to books and illustrations. Now that I am older, I'm able to make those stories come to life through my own designs. I love using my imagination, and in college I ended up learning more about web design, which grew my interest and love for the field even more."

What do you love most about interning at Wordever?

"At Wordever I am able to take part in the daily production of a website. As a communications design major with a concentration in web design, it is exciting to be part of a startup and to be able to express my ideas and integrate both writing and design, two things that I love, into my work. At Wordever I am able to read, organize, learn, blog, and share about topics that interest me and engage with other users who share those similar interests."

What do you love most about being Latina? 

"The charisma and energy we have. We are passionate in everything we do. We add our flavor to everything and we are all about family. Growing up with Colombian and Honduran roots, I was able to learn about two different cultures and embrace the richness of our history."

What advice do you have for college students who want to pursue a degree in design? 

"Apply to as many internships as possible. Internships are really helpful and you learn a lot about how this business works in the real world. Also I would highly recommend for designers to learn digital as well as print. It is essential to learn HTML and CSS and stay on top of digital trends. Also, never give up and believe in what you do, stay optimistic and you will go places."

How do you give back to your community? 

"My family always taught me that community is important. I give back by donating my clothes and shoes to a local drop-off center. Also, I have an upcoming project where I will be re-designing the website for an Episcopal Church. I'm really looking forward to that."

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