Inspiring Latina of the Week: Journalist Maria Eugenia Alcón

Do you have any advice for other Latinas who want to work in production for both web and TV?

My advice for anyone who wants to get into journalism is to learn how to do everything and know how to market yourself through social media. You have to learn how to write, edit, shoot video, and read, read as much as possible.  As a journalist you have to know what is going on in the world and what is trending and what is not, what people care about and what they don’t, so reading articles, Twitter, Facebook and everything you can get your hands on is crucial. A story idea is always around the corner and can come up in a conversation with a friend or by reading a book. Never be afraid to take risks and challenge yourself to do something new, it will make you better.

You graduate Cum Laude from New York University, and received a Bachelors in Arts in Journalism  and Political Science. Has education always been something that important to you?

My parents taught me getting an education is the one thing that can open doors. They made so many sacrifices to be able to send me to good schools so I always took my education seriously. I never missed a class and I promised them I would graduate from college with honors. I did just that. The day I graduated I took off my cap and gown went back to work the same day. Throughout my career, I have always tried to learn from others and go to seminars or lectures to improve my journalism skills. For me the best education in the world is being a journalist, it forces me to learn something new every day.

What gives you the most pride about being a Latina?

I believe we are the rock of the Latino community. More of us are going to college, becoming CEOs and empowering young Latinas to reach for the stars. Latinas have always been fighters and with the changing demographics in this country, I think Latinas are leading the way for change. We have a Latina Supreme Court Justice, Domestic Advisor to the President, powerful entrepreneurs and we are the image of beauty (and brains) too, with stars like Zoe Saldana and Eva Longoria. Who wouldn’t feel proud to be part of this club? Next, a Latina president.

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