Inspiring Latina of the Week: Business Owner Adela Quezada

Adela Quezada is the owner of Juice it Up!, a franchise smoothie and juice bar chain that specializes in blended-to-order real fruit smoothies located in Fontana, California. After experiencing abuse for most of her childhood, Adela ran away from Mexico to the United States when she was just 18. Today, Adela not only has a happy family life but she is also a successful entrepreneur and small business owner. We spoke to Adela about her business and passion for the Latino community,

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur and own Juice It Up!? How did you find Juice It Up!?

I had a dream and a goal to have my own business that I could manage for myself and my family. I wanted to incorporate my own unique ideas into the business of my choosing, to see it flourish and to have complete control of my business. As I was looking for various franchises to buy, I saw an ad for Juice it Up! online that caught my eye and I instantly was interested.

What fulfills you the most about your work?

It gives me a great sense of pride to say that I am a small business owner and that because of my work I am able to fulfill my customers' needs in producing quality healthy smoothies for our community. When new customers come back it gives me a great sense of accomplishment when they let me know how delicious, great tasting and convenient it is to come back for more.

Why is Juice It Up! important for the Latino community?

Coming from a Latino background, I know how creative and delicious juices can be. As a proud owner of Juice It Up! I am able to make these smoothies and share with my customers from different cultures great tasting smoothies! I am sure many of my Latino counterparts grew up drinking juices made out of real fruits and vegetables without all the preservatives, which is what I love sharing and making out of fresh-squeezed fruit and veggies.

What advice do you have for other Latinas who want to start their own business?

I encourage other Latinas to go after their dream and to let nothing stand in their way! If they share a dream of starting their own business I would inform them about the long hours and hard work that goes along with it. They have to research the right and best fit franchise for themselves and their family. Corporate Juice It Up! has helped with anything and everything I have asked of them. Although it is a great experience, it takes motivation and dedication to make it work.

You were the victim of abuse. What advice or words of encouragement can you offer to other Latina women who may be in the same boat?

I always held my head up high no matter what. I didn't let obstacles get in the way of my dream. Always stay focused on what you want. You can get there. I am living proof.

What gives you the most pride about being Latina?

I am a great example of living the American dream coming here from Mexico. I came to United States with practically nothing, but with the help of religion and family I have been able to accomplish all my goals up to this point of my life. I believe the Latino culture thrives on religion and family, and those are the most important things to me. It gives me great honor when I am able to tell people that I am a Latina representing something greater than myself. Representing the great people of the Latino community.

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