Inspiring Latina: Radio Host Nautica de la Cruz

Inspiring Latina: Radio Host Nautica de la Cruz

Nautica de la cruz is no stranger to the microphone. After a short stint on Northern California’s Spanish radio station Que Buena, this Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Jamaican girl launched into the English market with a gig at L.A.’s mega station POWER 106, shortly after she joined “THE BEAT” alongside Hip Hop’s greats Ed Lover and Dr. Dre. After that, she transitioned to working with Steve Harvey on his syndicated “Steve Harvey Morning show” on 93.5 Kday at the time when it was the #1 rated morning show. But it didn't always come easy -- Nautica knew she had to put in the hours to get where she wanted, and her family is the ultimate reason to work as hard as she does.

“I work hard to provide to make sure that my daughter gets all the necessities that she needs including love. I strive to show her an example that women can do it all by working, being a mother, being a wife and still be there after school when she needs me. I am always home for dinner and I make sure that between my husbands and my schedule we balance our time with our daughter. I love both more than life.”

Nautica credits her wittiness to her love of life and her of love of making others laugh. Her love of her Latina heritage is evident when she speaks about what it is that impacted her growing up.

“I grew up listening to Spanish radio in New York and all the jocks were expressive and radiant. I would listen as they would play Celia Cruz and Hector Lavoe and realized that Latin music speaks volumes. It helped me to become more in-tuned with my Latin culture, learn how to speak Spanish better and learn the history of other Latin cultures. We may all speak Spanish but we have different customs, values and traditions.”

One of Nautica’s passions is encouraging kids to achieve and work hard in school. It's in these moments of speaking at schools or talking to others that she truly finds joy, and hopes to uplift others who may have doubts in their own lives. “My greatest life lesson has been me sharing the ability to let others know not to be afraid of their past. As a child, I was abused and kidnapped. I have survived cervical cancer. I did a broadcast in which I shared those secrets and wasn’t aware of how powerful my story was to others. I was able to heal other wounds including myself. I have learned that your past doesn’t define you.”

Nautica prides herself in being ambitious, focused on her career and now venturing into doing more television, creating shows, film and more voiceovers. She has a few projects in the works and a reality TV show called “Latinas of Hollywood” coming to a channel near you. There is no stopping a determined and ambitious woman!