Inspiring Latina: Interlex Co-Founder Heather Ruiz Dishes On The Best Advice She's Ever Received

Heather Ruiz Co Founder Creative Director Interlex

In 1995, Heather Ruiz and her husband, Rudy Ruiz, brainstormed an idea for an advocacy marketing firm while on a cross-country road trip between San Antonio and San Francisco. 

"When we got home, we got to work on the idea," Ruiz told us. "We haven't stopped since."

She and her husband founded Interlex Communications, a unique type of advertising and PR agency that transforms public policy into social action. In the 20 years since the company first opened its doors, they have worked on a variety of projects, including projects with Texas Tourism, the US Department of Homeland Security, the National Education Association, American Express, SafeLink, and countless others. Ruiz, the Creative Director for the company, works — and lives — by one motto: "Message With Meaning."

"First, it conveys our philosophy of ensuring our clients' communications are created in a way that maximizes their relevance with each distinct audience," she said. "The second interpretation is that since all the work we do serves a higher purpose of doing good for people. We believe it has special meaning in and of itself."

Their dedication to public service had resulted in incredible success for the company. "It has grown quickly, year by year," she told us. "But only through hard work and commitment." Since 1995, the company has expanded from a "two person mom-and-pop business" into one of the largest Hispanic-owned ad agencies in the country with over 50 team members and offices in San Antonio, New York and San Francisco. 

We chatted with this Inspiring Latina to learn more about her incredible company and to get her advice for other Latinas hoping to pursue a similar career: 

What is the best part about working with your husband?

The best part of working with my husband is that I get to work with an extremely talented man. Being that we share the same roof, I can get his creative input at any point in the process. And I’ve always been amazed at how much work we can get done at odd times or in odd places simply because we are together and we enjoy doing what we do.

Another great benefit of working together has been the ability to integrate our children into what we do, whether it meant bringing them to work, casting them in commercials, or brainstorming with them for ideas on what might make a campaign relevant to youth. It’s been bonding as a family — and lots of fun.

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