Inspiring Latina: Girl Scouts Young Woman of Distinction Laura M. Robert Rivera

Amazing! What have been some of the challenges? 

Well, you kind of face some people you thought you could help -- and suddenly you're lost, because you can't move forward with them. You get stuck in these moments, but you realize that there are other people around that could really help you with that. You find people in unexpected places that are willing to work with you. 

Another challenge for me is that I get really involved in these projects, but I still have to go to school everyday, see my teachers, and still do homework. 

Do you have any college plans? Do you want to continue your work with child abuse prevention?

Yeah, definitely. One of the things I'm thinking about is doing a minor in women's rights. Women empowerment. I want to be a lawyer in the long run, so this is definitely something I want to work with, especially if I become a lawyer who can really help out families and stop these things from continuing to happen.

Do you have any summer plans?

Actually, I've been keeping busy. Now, I'm taking some summer classes to get ahead on some courses that I have to take next year. Next month, I'm going to be in the Running Start program in D.C. 

Do you have any final words for

Never give up! Start off small. My project started small -- just me visiting a shelter of abused girls. Now, I'm making a huge impact. I never dreamed it would work out this way. Dream big, start off small. Just take advatnage of every opportunity. 

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