Inspiring Latina: Girl Scouts Young Woman of Distinction Laura M. Robert Rivera

Do you plan on continuing this project your senior year? 

Yeah! Well, first, I'm concerned with college. Since April is the month of prevention, I'm hoping I can still keep contact with those schools that already implemented the project and see if they can follow up on it [next year.]

What have been the most rewarding parts of your charity work? 

Well, working in the shelter, I think one of the most inspiring things is seeing the girls after they listened to the speakers. At the end of the year, we did a closing activity. It was a graduation for the girls, and it was amazing! The girls went all out! They did dances, and they sang. You could see how the group had transformed them. They were shy at first, and now you could see they were very outgoing. You could really see the changes in them personally, and in how they saw themselves.

In my work at school, I'm really proud to see how each school took my campaign and really went all out with it. They really took it a step forward and made it their own, while still keeping in mind the importance of the cause. One school did a human blue ribbon -- and there were 800 people in the blue ribbon!

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