Inspiring Latina: Gabriela Cadena Has the Best Advice For Aspiring Fashion Designers

Gabriela Cadena Fashion Designer
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New York Fashion Week may be over, but the adventure never ends for fashion designer Gabriela Cadena. The Ecuadorian-born designer — the mastermind behind Camila Alves stunning blush gown at 2014 Academy Awards and Selena Gomez's sultry black number at the 2015 MTV VMAs — has earned herself a fan base of fashionistas and celebrities who adore her feminine-yet-edgy designs, which juxtapose her Latin American roots, her European training, and her New York sensibilities. 

Gabriela Cadena chatted with us about the mental (and physical!) toll of fashion week, and shared the best piece of advice she's ever received. Read it all below: 

What was the inspiration behind the SS16 collection?

For this season, I wanted to cleanse the palette a bit and mix in simpler, sleeker silhouettes and color combinations along with my signature Gabriela Cadena eclectic style. The inspiration this season was 1930s fashion and art deco architecture.

What would you say is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part is being a designer and remaining a businesswoman at the same time. This means that I have to marry my creative vision with what I know will work on the sales floor and make sense off the runway without compromising my vision.

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What about the most rewarding?

As a designer you spend endless hours overseeing the construction of every single piece, working around the clock, editing each look and having numerous fittings just to get to that place where your collection finally comes to life. The most rewarding part is after all that hard work seeing real women, in real life wearing something that you put your heart and soul into knowing that they feel beautiful and special in the look I created. It’s an honor and makes this worth all the effort.

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