Inspiring Latina: Power 106 DJ Carisma Talks About Her New Album & Latina Role Models

Inspiring Latina: Power 106 DJ Carisma Talks About Her New Album & Latina Role Models

As the only woman DJ at Power 106 in Los Angeles, DJ Carisma knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication. The talented Mexican-American DJ grew up in Southern California, and spent her childhood surrounded by an eclectic mix of music — all of which contributed to her diversified mix of work. She overcame the challenges of being a woman in music, and made her dreams of a career in music come true. 

In addition to her work as a DJ at Power 106, DJ Carisma hosts two online radio shows, co-hosts 'Fresh Out The Box' with Yesi Ortiz and recently finished up work on her upcoming, self-titled debut album. The first single "Anyway" has already picked up heat on radio stations throughout the country. 

We chatted with DJ Carisma about her upcoming album, her Latina idols, and her advice for other young women. Meet this Inspiring Latina: 

Tell us about your new album. 

As you know, I'm a radio DJ. So, I wanted to tap into the music world and make some songs! Songs that reflect who I am. I did a 14-track album, which is coming out in September or late fall. "Anyway" is the first single on it, and it features Tory Lanez, Sage the Gemini, Eric Bellinger and Mishon

Awesome! So when did you decide you wanted to branch out and make an album?

About a year ago! I've been wanting to do it for a while. About a year ago, all my relationships came together, and the work I've been putting into it made it possible. I did it! I'm here right now, and I'm so excited to see it released.

Yeah, congrats! So you were brought on as the only female DJ at Power 106 in Los Angeles. How did that feel?

I'm still the only girl DJ! I'm holding my own in a world full of boys. I love it! It makes me stand out. I kind of have no competition. I'm in my own world, you know.

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