Inspiring Latina: Entrepreneur, Producer & Professional Body Builder Dany Garcia!

Inspiring Latina: Entrepreneur, Producer & Professional Body Builder Dany Garcia!

What exactly does Dany Garcia do? It's a difficult question to answer — even for her.

"I run a holding company that's heavily invested in media," she told us. "I manage talent. I produce movies [and] television shows. I invest in individual entities, such as restaurants. I'll be moving into properties, as well."

"Oh, I'm also a professional body builder," she added. 

First-generation Cuban-American Dany Garcia certainly has a lot on her plate. She founded The Garcia Companies, a talent and media management company; she co-founded 7 Bucks Productions with her ex-husband Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; she competes as a professional body builder; and, she runs The Beacon Experience, a foundation that provides at-risk students with tutoring and scholarships for college. 

She's also the mom to a 13-year-old daughter. 

Garcia proves that anything can be done — and done well. A graduate of the University of Miami, this Cubana took a job at Merrill Lynch straight out of college, using the experiencing there to increase her knowledge of financial tools. "They had the model of no glass ceiling," she told us. "You could be as successful as you wanted to be."

While there, she began talking to her first husband, Johnson, about expanding his career and building enterprise around his personality and talents. "I was talking to him about storylines," she said. "Overseeing contracts. Giving some thought and directions to the steps he was taking. When he transitioned to film from the WWE, it was a very natural progression. At the time, my thought process was, 'He's incredible. He's an incredible talent. How do I start to build enterprise around him?'"

Now, decades later, Florida-based Garcia serves as the kingpin of her own media dynasty. Later this year, Ballers — the show she executive produced with Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and more — will premiere on HBO.

Additionally, she'll continue to pursue her passion: body building. She was recently crowned IFBB Women's Physique Pro after earning her pro card at the 2014 North American Champsionships. In addition to running her own business, she competes at a professional level, and even curates her own meals and workouts.

We know what you're thinking: how does she do it? We chatted with Garcia to get the details on her schedule, her diet, and her advice for fellow Latinas: 

It's incredible how much you do. What does a typical day even look like? 

My day starts early. I get up around 6:30am. The first half of my day — up until about noon — is structured for my workout. It's a really strong passion of mine, so I have to train consistently. There is no sort of cheating in that, because the body doesn't lie!

My West Coast team doesn't start until 12pm EST. So, from about noon onwards to about 6 or 7pm, I'm handling the business on both sides of the coast. Then, of course, evenings are for dinner with my daughter and my husband. 

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