Inspiring Latina of the Week: Chef & Food Blogger Bren Herrera

Tell us about a day in the life?

Great question! I don't think I've ever stopped to think about my daily grind. It's usually very intense, starting with a triple shot of Cuban espresso! I always start with social media engagement to see what's hot, not, and going on around the world. I love Facebook and G+ the most (Pinterest is kind of everything, too). I find news and people's stories to offer inspiration for my own writing and creative flow during the day.

As a private chef and food, lifestyle and travel writer, I work from home which gives me a lot of flexibility to do different things, but it also means I need to exercise a tremendous amount of discipline to stay focused. If I'm not cooking for a client's event, I'm in the kitchen by noon, experimenting with ingredients and developing new recipes for my corporate clients. There are days when I won't cook a single thing, but that's usually because I'm doing research. I'm always writing, so at some point I'll stop to write either a blog post for Flanboyant Eats or B So Chic! or an article for one the outlets I contribute to.

Outside of food business, I'm almost equally busy working on fashion, lifestyle, or travel work which involves blogging, styling looks, creating events, designing for my mom's jewelry line (C.B. Herrera) and as of late, I was hired as another jewelry designer's muse! 

Ultimately, my day is a fantastic mire poix of living a fabulous lifestyle of delicious food, great style, and helping others. 

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