Inspiring Latina of the Week: Artist S. Whittaker

Latina artist S. Whittaker recently launched her first 3D art exhibit in New York called "Time Signature." Using oil and acrylic based portraits on wooden canvases, Whittaker painted pictures of many of her favorite musicians, including Celia Cruz, Bob Marley, Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades.

With a drawing utensil in her hand since the young age of three, S. Whittaker (Stephanie Whittaker), brings her own unique flavor and touch of culture to each and every piece of art. Born in Panama, and now living in Brooklyn, Stephanie frequently shows her paintings all over the nation, and has accumulated quite the celebrity following.

Because of her groundbreaking artwork, and her passion for Latino culture, S. Whittaker is this week’s Inspiring Latina.

Tell us about your 3D art exhibit “Time Signature.”

Time Signature 3D art exhibit highlighted performing artists who inspire me. By incorporating a 3D effect, the images pop out when wearing 3D glasses. Celia Cruz, Bob Marley, Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades were among the few who I painted. We wanted to do something different that would create an exciting and unforgettable art show, as well as capture the viewers attention in a unique way. I've been to a lot of art exhibits and they all seem to follow the same formula. There's nothing wrong with that, but I definitely wanted to create an experience that no one would forget.

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Yes. I've always wanted to be an artist since the age nine. I knew that it would be a big challenge but believing in myself is what allows me to accomplish this goal.