Inspiring Latina of the Week: Artist S. Whittaker

In the field of art, it seems Latinas are few and far between. Do you find this to be a challenge, or is this motivation for you?

I believe it's a challenge for not only Latina women but for all women trying to pursue their dreams in a male dominated field. I represent all the little girls and young women who face everyday challenges just based on gender alone. It's my motivation overall to work hard to achieve a dream and to accomplish goals as a visual artist. 

How do you feel that you impact the Latino community with your art work?

I believe that the Latino community is gradually hearing about me now and I feel their energy in a positive way. I would hope that I am an inspiration to other Latino artists out there and they themselves will say that they too can pursue art and ignore it's barriers. Overall, I want to impact all communities around the world. I grew up around diversity so I can relate to many cultures. We're all treated the same and can come across the same struggles in life. 

What gives you the most pride about being Latina?

I love culture! Not just mine but I pull art and inspiration from other cultures as well. I love the music, the soul, definitely the food and the different traditions. I want to relate to everyone. I consider myself a worldly person and I embrace everyone. At the end of the day, I wish for people to do the same with me.

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