Inspiring Latina of the Week: Luma Marcaccio

Luma Marcaccio is dedicated to helping the elderly community and has her abuela to thank for the inspiration. The Venezuelan civil engineer turned businesswoman, launched ComForcare, a private-duty, non-medical home care for senior citizens (and others in need of assistance), in the Boston area last November. Her desire to help others and give back to her community makes her this week's inspiring Latina. Check out what she has to say about her journey below:

What inspired you to open ComForCare?

"Before I came to the USA, I took care of my grandma. She was showing signs of middle stage Alzheimer’s. We don't have agencies that provides these services in Venezuela, so I hired a group of caregivers that took care of her in her own house until the children decided to put her in a nursing home. I was looking into ways to differentiate our remodeling and construction business, looking into senior remodeling and universal design, and I found this franchise that does exactly what I did with her. I love to help people and this agency has brought happiness to my life, and made me grateful for what  I do every day."
What kind of challenges did you face when starting out?

"We definitely had competition, and also a little bit of a language barrier. Also the fact that I was new in the country and not known in the area."
Your grandmother is a huge inspiration in opening up your business. What lessons did she teach you?

"Whenever I remember my childhood, she is in my memories.  She had a very strong character and she just knew a way to do things, her way. But she was a very loving grandmother and did everything she could to make my life happier. She was very determined and hard working. She was really independent when she was healthy –
Even now....I realize how alike we are."
How has the community responded to your business?

"There are many, many agencies doing what I do, but people quickly know whether or not you do a good job. We have started receiving referrals from the Council on Aging based on what people are saying about our caregivers. We are helping different town councils with activities and intakes to help the senior population to be involved, and the community likes that."
What advice would you give other Latinas and aspiring entrepreneurs?

"Be surrounded by good people: create a network of people that you refer to, and they can refer back to you based on how they know you personally."
What do you most look forward to in the future?

"Being able to raise my kids and live my life with joy and happiness."

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