What Does Your Decorating Style Say About You?

Ever wonder why you are drawn to certain home decorating styles? It may say more about your personality than you think! Vanessa De Vargas – founder of the interior design firm Turquoise – has caught the attention of many with her brilliant eye for design. The Los Angeles-based furniture designer and interior decorator is sharing with us what your home decorating style says about you. 

1. Decor: Crisp, Comfortable and Sophisticated

Crisp, Comfortable and Sophisticated

If you prefer a look that is casual but still sleek, your style is crisp, comfortable, and sophisticated. “The person who lives in this room likes things clean and serene,”  Vanessa says. “Not a lot of bright colors or patterns, and very soft and soothing to the eye. This person is someone who appreciates nice things but not over done.”

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Sofa, $890, macys.com

Pierre Chair in Grey, $1000, zgallerie.com

Ceramic accessories, $69 - $129, ballarddesigns.com

2. Decor: Glamorous Luxurious

Glamorous Luxurious

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, and prefer items a little on the high-end side, your style is glamorous luxurious. “The person living in this space loves luxurious things and wants to be surrounded by it,” De Vargas said. “The love lush textures that feel soft but have a high sheen to them.”

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Kennedy Collection Sofa, price available on request, mgbwhome.com  

Wallpaper, $65, target.com

Chairs, $495, jonathanadler.com  

3. Decor: Minimalist Modern Fresh

Minimalist Modern Fresh

If you prefer a look that’s clean, sharp, and up to date, your style is minimalist modern fresh. “The person who lives here probably doesn't like a lot of clutter and likes things modern and minimal,” explains Vanessa. “Very simple and clean lines.”

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Sofa, $1,199, zgallerie.com

Coffee table, $279, homedecorators.com

Cora Arc Lamp floor lamp, $400, advanceinteriordesigns.com

4. Decor: Casual Eclectic Vintage

Casual Eclectic Vintage

If you love things that are classic and timeless, but still like to stand out in a crowd, your style is casual eclectic vintage. “This person likes things eclectic and enjoys bursts of color,” De Vargas says. “They enjoy quality things that last.”

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Bed, $199, ikea.com

Pillow, $175, jonathanadler.com

Rug, $49 - $179, westelm.com