Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes with a Latina Twist

Thanksgiving is the biggest food holiday of the year and not the time to be changing the menu! After all, your family looks forward to this day all year. But as the cook, you may be a little bored with the same old turkey and mashed potatoes. So why not give one element of your Thanksgiving menu a Latina twist? Or, go crazy and feed them a whole new dinner menu, you can always go back to boring next year.

Turkey in a Whole New Light
This roasted turkey from Puerto Rico is spiced like a pernile.
Don’t have a need for a 15 pound turkey? Try these turkey cutlets.

Stuffing We Love
Add a little sweet to your savory in this fruit and meat stuffing.
Try this easy rice and beans stuffing.

Dishes on the Side
Greens are a staple of the Thanksgiving meal and our recipe adds the richness of cream.
Squash gets a little kick from chorizo.

Spicy Cranberries
Adding a little heat to the cranberry sauce is an easy way to brighten up the meal.
Mango and Jalepeno make the traditional canned cranberry sauce special.

Perfect Potatoes
Cheese and spice and everything nice are in this potatoe gratin.
Put all your root vegetables in one salad.

Pie Pig Out
As American as mango-tapioca pie.
Change up that traditional pumpkin pie by adding some coconut.