The Good Life: 6 Simple Ways to Create a Sacred Space At Home

Creating a designated sanctuary in our home to relax, read, write, meditate, practice yoga, space out — whatever we choose — allows us to breathe, relax, and refill our own well. Executive Editor Robyn Moreno has some tips for creating your own sacred space at home — read them below, and watch the video above for more: 

Stake your claim. Don’t think you need some zen garden with waterfalls, crystals and Buddhas. It can just be a corner, a wall or even a shelf. I used to live in a small apartment in NYC and, after my hectic days in the city, my home really became my sanctuary. So I claimed a wall in our living room with good natural light as my area. I had to scoot over my husband’s desk and my daughter’s toys, but I did it. 

Decide what “sacred” means to you. I wanted a spiritual corner — a place to nourish my soul, whether via yoga, reading or journaling. I’m a big believer in “If you build it, they will come.” So for me, blocking out an area and making it beautiful enticed me to do these things more often. You might want more of an active space — a place to create, sew, paint or collage. Figuring out how you intend to use this space will help you decide how to decorate it.

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Cleanse your space. Before you paint a wall, buy a comfy chair, or set up an altar, it’s important that you “clean” the energy of the space and set your intentions. All you need to do is physically sweep (and maybe mop) the area. No cobwebs or hairballs allowed! Then, light a sage or a copal incense stick and wave it around area, in the corners of the room, and out the door. Say a few words about what you would like for the space, like “I want this area to be relaxing to my mind and body.” Or, “I want this area to be full of love, inspiration, and peace.”  

Make it meaningful. It’s the personal and poignant that will elevate the space from a pretty corner to a hallowed ground. Hang photos of loved ones, mentors and people you admire. Hang inspirational quotes, or paint one on the wall. Buy beautiful books that feed your soul, like A Return to Love from Marianne Williamson and A Gift From The Sea by Anne Lindbergh. Light candles. Read aloud; poetry can be your prayer.

Infuse it with nature.  Nature’s beauty stops us in our tracks and snaps us into the present moment. Because we don’t always have time to frolic outdoors, adding gorgeous rocks, shells, flowers, or even branches to your home infuses space with energy and vibrancy. Plants and flowers add beautiful color and increased oxygen. Lavender and purple symbolize spirituality; pink opens the heart; green brings in nature’s balance, and yellow stimulates health.

Unplug. Whatever you do, make this a tech-free zone. Taking a respite from the deluge of texts, emails and other electronic bleeps and incessant stimuli in our lives can be a wise gift to yourself. Take a little bit of time each day to unplug, to tune out, and to turn in.

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