Last Minute Dorm Decorating Tips

So, you're finally out on your own. Exciting, isn't it? But not quite as glamorous as you imagined. You're probably wondering how you can add a little flavor to the dreary walls you're surrounded by and struggling with tight spaces. Don't worry, there are a bunch of great new products out now that can help transform your new room from claustrophobic to cozy! But first check out our tips on what to do before you get to campus to make sure you don't wind up at school with a truck full of stuff and no where to put it:

1. Call your roommate. She might be shopping for the same stuff as you, so instead of doubling up on things that you can share throughout the year, be sure to talk to each other. This will save you money & time!

2. Read your school's housing codes. This may be as exciting as watching paint dry, but there are certain items that some schools prohibit, like microwaves, candles and halogen lamps. Double check before you spend your hard earned cash on things you might not be able to keep.

3. When you get your housing assignment, be sure to check the dimensions and size of the room you're going to be moving into. No point in splurging on a comfy upholstered chair if it's not even going to fit through the door!

4. Make sure to get products to maximize your space. Tall skinny shelves, like the ones we suggest from IKEA will take up the least amount of floor space (which believe us will be at a premium in your dorm room) while allowing you an organized way to store the stuff that can't fit in your closet or under your bed.

Don't feel overwhelmed. This is an exciting time for you and the start of a whole new phase in your life. Have fun and be sure to check out our round-up of cute products perfect for a new dorm room.