How To Create a Picture Perfect Gallery Wall

I’ve walked into many homes where photographs are displayed randomly on a table or on the walls. A lot of times, the photographs are in mismatched frames or out of scale with the size of the wall they are hung on. On the flip side—and even worse—is when precious family moments or memories of special trips are hidden away in an album, where no one can see them.

The solution is easier than you think; you just need to create a gallery wall in your home! The idea is to concentrate all the images on one wall and make it a focal point by using floating shelves. There’s no rule that says the frames need to match, but I do recommend matting your photos for a more professional look. Go ahead and mix different sizes together. The best part is that by displaying your frames on a shelf, you don’t have to worry about hanging them! You can simply lean them up against the wall and overlap a few for a contemporary setting. A great tip is to place a rubber bumper on the bottom of the frames to prevent them from sliding around (or off) the floating shelves.

It’s that simple! Now you have created a rotating gallery of photographs where you can change images and add to the collection as you wish. I also like integrating other keepsakes to create a visual story and make the entire display more three-dimensional. And remember to try printing your images in black and white, sepia or playing with special effects on your computer to turn your photographs in works of art!