Design Detail: Whimsical Knobs

Ahoy, mates! I recently did a nautical-themed makeover for a boy’s bedroom and as I was shopping for the decorative accessories I came across a set of starfishes. Usually, when I'm shopping, I get the inspiration for projects for my television programs since I try to come with ideas of how to use an item in a completely different manner. As I looked at the starfish, it occurred to me that they could be turned into drawer pulls!  I’ll show you how to get the same look in this month’s Design Detail, where I highlight a quick DIY project on a budget.

The starfishes came in a set of 8 for only $6.99. What a steal! The best part is that were made out of resin, which means they are durable. I don’t recommend doing this project with real starfishes as they become too brittle when as they dry out. The first step is to remove your existing knob from the drawer or door. If your knob is metal, it’s much easier to replace it with a wood knob instead since you will be drilling a pilot hole through the starfish and into the knob.  It’s best to do this first to avoid breaking the starfish and/or splitting the wood.

Once the pilot hole is drilled, simply attach starfish to surface of knob with a small screw.  You can easily paint the screw head to match the color of the starfish to make it blend.  It’s that simple! (Design Note: Make sure the screw is long enough to secure starfish firmly to base as you definitely don’t want it to be loose since it will be getting a lot of use daily.) I love how the starfish is conveniently designed by nature to function as a handle. You can apply this idea to a dresser, chest, nightstand, closet doors, or even peg hooks in your child’s bedroom!  It’s these small details that can help to tie the entire décor of a room together.