Create a Soothing Outdoor Escape

I love hearing the relaxing sound of water in an outdoor space. It’s a must in any design plan I come up with for a patio or backyard since it creates an environment that appeals to all our senses. Lucky for us, there are many options that easily allow us to bring a water feature into our outdoor retreat without breaking the bank.

The wall fountain featured in the photo was purchased for $128.00 which is a great price. However, it did not come in the actual size you see out of the box—it’s an optical illusion! I decided to give it more presence by creating a back panel made out of hardwood deck tiles. The tiles are sold at IKEA for just $34.99 for a set of nine that covers approximately nine square feet which is basically the actual size of the square you see behind the fountain portion. This is a great flooring material than can transform a deck, balcony or patio surface, but hey, who says you can’t use it on the wall, too? 

The tiles interlock, but I attached them first with screws from behind onto a plywood backing that created a mat effect around the deck tiles. I also stained the plywood and 2X2 frame surrounding the tiles with an espresso color for contrast. I love how it turned out!

This is a great project if you’re looking at ways to spruce up your outdoor space and create that perfect oasis. Just remember to use a wood sealer regularly throughout the spring/summer season to maintain the color and preserve the wood.