Cheap and Chic Ways to Redecorate Your Home

Redesigning, redecorating, even adding one simple piece to your home can be overwhelming for the amateur decorator (which, face it, most of us are—even if we’d like to believe otherwise). Where does this piece go? Does it look best here or there? Does this color even fit the look I’m going for?!  Add to this the potential costs to outfit your suite and we’re talking major stress. Luckily, for the decorating-leery and budget-conscious among us, Wal-Mart has just launched its new Hometrends line and made sprucing up your space much easier. From your kitchen to your bathroom to your bedroom—even if you’re just looking for a few accents here and there—the line offers a range of cute, easy-fit options. Tops on our list: the Kasbar 16 piece dinnerware set ($35), the Nadris comforter set ($65-85) and the Costa pillows ($13). What’s most enticing? The decorating bang you get for your dollar, with most of the items tallying up to less than $100.