Add a Little Hollywood Glam with Fabulous Decorative Pillows

The Hollywood Glamour Style is a decorating trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years.  It combines classic lines with modern patterns and fabrics with lots of reflective surfaces and bold colors. 

If you love this style, here are some ideas to give your decorative pillows a glam makeover and a high-end look. For example, the crown pillow was created by taking a plain, white cover and hand sowing a feather boa as a border I purchased at a craft store for only $12.00. The crown image was printed on my home computer using iron-on transfer sheets, which gave me the look of silkscreen for much less! And for extra bling, I attached decorative brad nails where the jewels of the crown would go to make the design three-dimensional. I discovered the brad nails in the scrap booking section at Michael’s Arts & Crafts and they come in all different gem colors and sizes!

The smaller accent pillow in turquoise was originally a clutch purse. The color and bead work went perfect with the décor and all I needed to do was open the lining and stuff it with batting.  I know it’s hard to believe it was actually a purse, but it’s true! It was my best find and it clocked in at a paltry $10.00. 

Keep in mind that the Hollywood Glam look works best when you begin with a black/white color scheme and then punch it up with an accent color. It’s this combination of classic and modern elements that will make your room shine like a star.