10 Sexiest Tequila Gifts for the Cocktail Lover

We all have that friend or family member in our lives. The person whose signature drink is all things tequila. Whether they're the kind to drink it straight (out of Himayan Pink Salt Glasses, perhaps?) or enjoy a good tequila cocktail for brunch (like the Bloody Maria Spice Blend) or are looking to up their margarita game (with a Margarita Molecular Mixology Mix, of course), we've got the 10 sexiest tequila gifts that any cocktail lover with just adore. The best part? Hopefully they'll invite you over to "test" one of their new gifts!

1. Tequila Gift Guide: Patron David Yurman Bottle Stopper

This gorgeous bottle accessory was crafted exclusively for the Patron Anejo bottle by Evan Yurman, the design director for David Yurman timepiece collections. The beautiful two-toned sword in gun metal and 24k gold features elaborate carvings inspired by 18th century Japanese Samurai swords. We can't get over the amazing detail in this piece. It's enough to make us want to get this beauty for ourselves.

David Yurman Limited Edition Bottle Stopper, $56, Crown Wine & Spirits



2. Tequila Gift Guide: Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

We all know the classic salt-tequila-lime trick, but what if you could make taking a shot a much more sensual experience? These unique shot glasses, designed by chef Tim Love for one of his favorite spirits, are hand carved from pink Himalayan salt. They're the perfect pairing to your favorite premium tequila, since they add that subtle salty note without the table salt. Just don't leave your drink in there too long!

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses, $25 - $30, Amazon



3. Tequila Gift Guide: Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

For the serious tequila cocktail lover and perpetual hostess, no gift can be better than this stupendous 3-in-1 drink maker. The 4 tanks are perfectly designed to fit 1 type of alcohol (tequila, duh!) and 3 drink mixers that party guests can make themselves or even try the "I feel lucky" button for a special surprise cocktail. There's even recipes for those that shy away from making their own special concoctions.

Margaritavilla Mixed Drink Maker, $235, Amazon



4. Tequila Gift Guide: Margarita Molecular Mixology Kit

Have that special someone in your life who is just dying to try something new? Then this mixology kit is for them. Combining food, liquor, chemistry and art in one set, the molecular gastronomy kit will allow one to deconstruct this favorite drink and create a contemporary take on the zesty margarita to bring it to a whole new level. The unexpected drinks that this mix creates (lime juice in "caviar" bubbles!) will wow even the most jaded guests.

Margarita Molecular Mixology Kit, $24.49, Amazon



5. Tequila Gift Guide: Bloody Maria Spice Blend

Bloody Maria Spice Blend

Some tequila lovers can't get enough margaritas and other tequila lovers enjoy drinking it straight. And then there's the very special tequila lover, the one that loves the breakfast cocktail. For your friend or family member who looks forward to their Sunday brunch Bloody Maria since Monday morning, this spice blend may be the perfect gift. Drink up!

Bloody Maria Spice Blend, $15, The Ingredient Finder


6. Tequila Gift Guide: Mexican Beehive Hand Juicer

Mexican Beehive Hand Juicer

No tequila bar can be complete without the much-needed hand juicer for all of your cocktail needs. Whether you're squeezing a lime for that perfect margarita recipe or flavoring the tequila with a little maraschino cherry, this classic hand juicer is made to last. It's heavy duty with 100% aluminum body and nickle plated steel bolt and hanging ring. This juicer means business, the business of cocktails.

Mexican Beehive Hand Juicer, $18, Amazon 


7. Tequila Gift Guide: Day of the Dead Corkscrew

Okay, we admit it: this one might be a better gift for the wine connoiseur in your life, but we just couldn't pass this one up. The adorable steel corkscrew, inspired by Dia de los Muertos and designed by Stephanie Suárez as part of the Mexico Design Challenge, is topped with textured motifs along the head and is the perfect fun, playful addition to any kitchen or bar.

Day of the Dead Corkscrew, $20, Amazon


8. Tequila Gift Guide: Talavera Coasters

No home is complete without a little protection. These beautiful, handmade Talavera tile coasters have been painted so that each has a unique, slightly different pattern. Plus, each coaster is equipped with felt material on the bottom to protect your furniture from scratches and condensation! 

Talavera Pottery Coasters, $25, Talavera Pottery Store or similar on Amazon


9. Tequila Gift Guide: Bitters Travel Set

Tequila + bitters = the perfect cocktail. If your loved ones love to experiment with crafting their own cocktails (um, who doesn't?), try this mini bitters set that includes 20 ML each of Old Time Aromatic, Creole, Jerry Thomas' Own Decanter Bitters, Celery and Orange. For the dedicated host (or hostess), this set has everything they could want to experiment with their own concoctions for the holidays and well into the new year.

Cocktail Bitters Travel Set, $20, Astor Wines


10. Tequila Gift Guide: Lime-Colored Raised-Design Jug

Lime-Colored Raised-Design Jug

For those cocktails that your tequila-loving friend or family member will unbdoubtedly be making (and hopefulyl you'll be tasting), they will need a pretty display to serve them up. This lime-colored 100% glass jug with floral motifs is perfect for that. Holding up to 40 ounces of liquid deliciousness, we bet nobody will be able to resist what it holds.

Available at Zara Home, $70.