7 Stocking Stuffers That Will Actually Fit in a Stocking

Ever look for stocking stuffers online and find that the gifts end up being too big for a stocking? Seriously, when did stocking stuffers mean full-size presents? Here are seven (awesome) small gifts perfect for giving (and that will actually fit in that stocking). You're welcome.

1. Wine Stoppers

These reusable stoppers are perfect for any wino – creating an air-tight seal that preserves the wine.

Rabbit Wine Preserving Stopper, $8, Amazon.com

2. Rum Cakes

Forget fruit cake (no, really, please forget it) and go for these mini rum cakes made famous by Tortuga. The variety pack includes 6 mini cakes that include original golden with walnuts, chocolate, coconut, key lime, banana and pineapple flavors.

$35 for 6 mini cakes, tortugarumcakes.com

3. Portable Speaker

This great speaker creates a bass effect when placed on nearly any surface and is the size of a hockey puck. It comes in white, yellow, orange and green – so you can brighten up someone’s holiday.

Nokia Wireless Speaker, $50,  Amazon.com

4. Locator Tag

Have a teen or a friend who is always losing their keys? Give them this treasure tag, which attaches to their belongings and hooks up to an app on your phone to track your stuff. Crisis averted.

Nokia Treasure Tag, $30, Amazon.com

5. Lip Gloss

This lipgloss is a high-shine, high-color gloss which won’t leave lips sticky.

Colorlicious Lip Gloss, $8, Amazon.com

6. Skin Masks

This collection of five-minute nugg face masks brings a spa straight to the bathroom. With a deep cleansing mask, exfoliating mask, soothing mask and hydrating mask, it’s sure to save any skin woe.

$13.95, Amazon.com

7. Drop Earrings

These pretty Vera Wang danglers will add a special sparkle to any outfit.

$17, kohls.com