8 Great Holiday Gifts By Latina Etsy Artists!

You know what they say: It's the thought that counts.

We wish we were crafty enough to make a gorgeous set of earrings or stunning necklace for our friends and family. If you want to purchase something special and unique for the holidays, but don't have the time (or talent!) to craft it yourself, Etsy is a great site to find beautiful, uncommon goods. 

This Christmas, support your fellow Latinas and gift your friends and family one of these gorgeous, handmade accessories: 

1. Etsy Gift Guide: Kei Jewelry

Kei Jewelry: 

Keyla Torres of Kei Jewelry handrafts beautiful, unique, high-quality pieces out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The amethyst druzy necklace (pictured at bottom) is the perfect gift for your sister, your mom, or...for yourself! The glam gemstone will add some sparkle to any holiday outfit.

$50, www.etsy.com

2. Etsy Gift Guide: Adriana Soto

Adriana Soto:

Adriana loves working with crystals and gems to create stunning, statement making pieces. This crystal necklace comes in a variety of finishes and lengths, and we think it’s the perfect gift for your trendy best friend or fashionista little sister. Check out her site -- you won’t be disappointed: Adriana handcrafts gorgeous drop-earrings, fashionable above-the-knuckle rings, and more. 

$62, www.etsy.com


3. Etsy Gift Guide: Samsara Prints

Samsara Prints

Jenny, of Samsara Prints, is based out of Puerto Rico. There, she makes amazing screen printed items -- including these fabulous, unconventional tote bags! We love the classic nautical anchor print for the office, and the Alice in Wonderland print is just quirky enough to spark a conversation at a bar or out with friends. Check out more incredibly prints at her Etsy shop!

$18, www.etsy.com

4. Etsy Gift Guide: Sol Del Sur

Sol Del Sur:

Soledad, the designer behind Sol Del Sur, aims to celebrate the richness of small details. She combines textile techniques and unconventional materials in fresh and novel ways. Additionally, Soledad tries to incorporate US made and environmentally conscious products and materials into her designs. Best of all: her stunning jewelry costs as little as $20! We would love to see this stunning pair of Southwest Brass Earrings waiting for us under the Christmas tree

$65, www.etsy.com

5. Etsy Gift Guide: La Galeria

La Galeria: 

Latina floral artist Peggy Martinez loves using her talent to benefit charities she believes in. The artist, who has been featured in the American Art Collector, is currently selling this print to benefit the Latina Women Scholarship Fund of Rochester. All proceeds from the sale of this particular image (called “Strong As Steel, Gentle As A Butterfly”) will benefit the charity! You can buy the print, which is inspired by the life Frida Kahlo, in three different sizes. The 8x10 copy only costs $20! 

$20 - $75, www.etsy.com


6. Etsy Gift Guide: 464 Handmade

464 Handmade:

Mexican lawyer, RoseMaría, loves to sew, quilt and handmake one-of-a-kind pieces in her downtime. Her adorable Etsy shop is filled with unique and lovely accessories. We’re obsessed with these precious “You Are Loved” gift tags, and can’t wait to attach them to all of our presents! 

$5, www.etsy.com

7. Etsy Gift Guide: Margarita Ceramics

Margarita Ceramics:

Venezuelan transplant Elena Madureri works with ceramics, wood, photography, and paint to create stunning pieces of art. You can purchase everything from serving plates to coffee mugs from her shop, but we fell in love with this ceramic nativity scene. 

$75, www.etsy.com


8. Etsy Gift Guide: Chromatica Group

Chromatica Group:

Need a gorgeous, unique Christmas gift that doubles as a housewarming present? Boricua Carene Pérez and her husband sell unique handmade lamps and lampshades. Trust us, your prima who just moved to the big city will absolutely love this New York inspired lampshade

$90, www.etsy.com