Gift Guide: For Pets

Fido and Fluffy aren't exempt from the holiday spirit! Make those tags wag with these great gift ideas.

1. Gift Guide: Pets: Stocking

Kitty Stocking

Your cat will love this stocking full of every cat goody imaginable. Do we hear purring?

Kitty Stocking, $5, Target

2. Gift Guide: Pets: Collar

Dog Collar

These designer collars will keep your pup looking great during the season! It comes with one nylon dog collar, two designs with free shipping. Pretty great deal.

Dog Collars, $20,

3. Gift Guide: Pets: Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Doggy doughnuts! These mini, wholesome treats are so cute we almost want to eat them ourselves (almost).

Mini Doughnut Gourmet Boxed Dog Treats, $14,

4. Gift Guide: Pets: Scratching Post

Kitty Scratching Post

Give those claws something to scratch on (you know, besides the couch).

Petmate Lean on Me Cat Scratcher, $17,

5. Gift Guide: Pets: Carrier


Tote your pup in style, with a pocket to hold your cell phone and keys.

Petego Hog Bag Designer Pet Carrier, $70,

6. Gift Guide: Pets: Tunnel

Cat Tunnel

This tunnel will provide hours of entertainment for cats, while adding a fashionable component to any home.

ABO Gear Fun Tunnel for Cats, $36,

7. Gift Guide: Pets: Mustache Ball

Mustache Ball

Fun for the dog, funnier for the owner – the ball has a giant cartoon mustache on one end. When fido picks up the ball, he’s given a ‘stache. Photo-op!

Humunga Stache Rubber Dog Toy, $13,

8. Gift Guide: Pets: Collapsible Bowl

Collapsible Bowl

This hot pink, collapsible travel cup is small enough to travel in a bag or can attach to a leash with its clip. Handy-dandy!

Pink Travel Cup, $8,