Hector Lavoe: Life In Pictures

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Hector as a young man in Puerto Rico. At the time, he idolized jíbaro singers like Chuíto el de Bayamón

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Willie Colón, Héctor Lavoe and José Mangual performing together in their early days.

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Héctor married Nilda "Puchi" Rosado after she told him she was pregnant with his son. But shortly before, he'd had a son with another woman, Carmen Castro.

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Together, Héctor and Willie became some of Fania Records' most popular stars...eventually becoming synonymous with salsa across the world.

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Héctor in a pensive moment. Part of his gift was his ability to tap into his feelings, making his audience relate to him.

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Héctor often played maracas onstage.

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Despite his tragic life, Héctor always performed with great energy.

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Lavoe as art.

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Although he's best known for salsa, Héctor recorded music across a wide range of Latin genres, from santeria songs, to these boleros by Felipe Pirela.

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A 1976 show poster.

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Friends said the tragedy that struck Lavoe hardest was the shooting death of his son.

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As Héctor suffered ever more deeply from his drug addiction, he turned to his spirituality to get clean. But despite leaving drugs behind for a time, when tragedies struck, he returned to drug abuse.

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Hector watching a video of himself, during his last years.

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One of Hector's last public appearances.

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When he died practically penniless in New York, Héctor was first buried in the Bronx. His remains were later moved to his hometown, Ponce, Puerto Rico.