How To Avoid A Holiday Hangover
How To Avoid A Holiday Hangover
By Dorkys Ramos | 11/24/2011 - 12:00

’Tis the season to drink our faces off, but the trade-off for being smaller (and cuter) than men is that we dehydrate faster and are therefore more susceptible to hangovers. No worries. We’ve got tips that will keep you out of the fetal position, plus what to do if it’s too late.


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I Had Cancer
Latina Starts a Social Media Revolution for Cancer Survivors
By Damarys Ocaña Perez | 10/28/2011 - 13:30

You turn to Facebook to share your smallest every day thoughts and crazy night out pictures, but if you have been touched by cancer, whether you are a patient or survivor or have a family member or friend who is, there is now essentially a Facebook for cancer,, where you can share your experience and connect with others in worldwide network of support.

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 10 Latinas Send Messages to Loved Ones
10 Latinas Send Messages to Loved Ones with Breast Cancer
By Amaris Castillo | 10/13/2011 - 12:11

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we asked Latina readers on our Facebook page to send a message to a loved one who is suffering or has suffered from breast cancer. The outpouring of stories was remarkably touching – we appreciate those who responded.

What to Watch for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: "Five"

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Immigrant Woman Forced to Give Birth While Shackled
By Latino Voices | 09/21/2011 - 14:15

"When I was in bed, I was begging the sheriff, 'Please let me free— at least one hand,' and he said, no, he didn't want to," Juana Villegas said in an interview with a local Nashville television station. She was describing the experience of being shackled to her hospital bed as she went into labor. Villegas gave birth in the sheriff's custody, after she was stopped by local police while driving without a valid license.

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Beyond the Baby Blues: Latina Moms & Postpartum Depression
Beyond the Baby Blues: Latina Moms & Postpartum Depression
By Grace Bastidas | 08/30/2011 - 09:00

Milestone birthdays are usually accompanied with mixed feelings, and for Thalía, who just turned 40, the mood is one of sadness.

“I have never faced such a difficult week in my life,” the Mexican singer tweeted on Monday. “On the 25th, my son Matthew is two months old, the 26th is my birthday and on the 27th, it will be three months since my mother passed away. I am convinced that these are challenges that life puts out to strengthen our souls.”

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Does Getting Revenge Provide Relief?
By Grace Bastidas | 08/26/2011 - 14:02

“Revenge is beautiful” is the tagline for Colombiana, a new action-adventure flick starring Zoe Saldana as a young woman out to get even after witnessing the murder of her parents at a young age. Trained as a master assassin, she will not rest until she annihilates the drug dealers that killed her folks.

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Got 15 minutes?
15 Mins of Exercise a Day Helps You Live Longer, New Study Says
By Grace Bastidas | 08/19/2011 - 09:43

A new survey out of Taiwan has found that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can help you live longer.

The research, published in the Lancet, studied 400,000 people over 12 years and concluded that those that engaged in moderate exercise for 15 minutes a day, lived three years longer, and reduced their mortality by 14%.

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Latino Health Paradox
Want to Live a Long Time? Latinize Your Lifestyle!
By Amaris Castillo | 08/12/2011 - 17:15

Despite commonly held theories that link education and higher income levels to better health, recent data indicates Latinos go against the grain.  According to Huffington Post, the phenomenon sometimes called the Latino Health Paradox remains a mystery to many.

Gov’t Announces New Health Care Benefits for Women

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Happy Patient
Gov't Announces New Health Care Benefits for Women
By Damarys Ocaña Perez | 08/01/2011 - 17:09

The federal government has announced new guidelines that will enable women to get preventive health care at no additional cost.

Among the services that new insurance plans will be required to provide, deductible- and copay-free, starting next summer: FDA-approved prescription contraceptives, screening for gestational diabetes, breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling, HIV screening and counseling, human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing for women 30 years and older, sexually transmitted infection counseling and domestic violence screening and counseling.

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4 Life Lessons Learned at a Nudist Colony
4 Life Lessons Learned at a Nudist Colony
By Grace Bastidas | 06/30/2011 - 15:30

Have you ever been to the beach and considered taking your top off to get a more even tan, but were too embarrassed to go through with it? Well, imagine how you would feel at a nudist camp where taking it all off is often mandatory. I had a chance to visit Solair Recreation League, “a family-oriented nudist resort,” in Woodstock, Connecticut once, and here’s what I learned about nudity from that experience: 

Everyone looks starkly different naked.

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