Never Skip a Meal Before a Workout Again — These Experts Reveal What to Really Eat

Expert Tips on What to Eat Before & After Your Workout

With springtime in full force, we only have a few months to get in our best shape possible for summer. Are you working out and not seeing the results you’re hoping for? It’s possible that you aren’t fueling your body with the proper nutrients before or after a heart-pumping session. So how can you maximize your efforts in the kitchen to ensure you reach your potential while training? We spoke to the experts to get the scoop.

“Yoga has increased in popularity, especially with Latinas,” said celebrity yoga instructor Cat Haayen. “Women who take my class learn to embrace their curves while increasing their self-esteem.” So if you are ready to hit the mat, Haayen, who tackles questions like these on her OMWave Radio Show every Wednesday from 1-2pm on KlangBox.FM, suggests you eat early to increase your benefits.

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“When doing yoga, it’s best you eat a couple of hours prior. Start with a healthy breakfast including protein (eggs or yogurt) with fruit or avocado. I love to throw in some tomatoes and spinach too, which has tons of iron. You'll be burning 100- 250+ calories so it's important that you have something in your stomach."

Haayen added that what you eat after class is just as important. “After a workout, I love to treat myself with a healthy green smoothie overflowing with superfoods, protein and iron. I include lots of kale, almond milk, maca and cacao. It recharges me for the rest of the day!”

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