5 Unhealthy Trends that Need to Go Out of Style

The most recent health trend in the news may leave you baffled, confused and in dire need for some good TLC for your body. No worries – us too!

While we’re all for learning about the latest in health and fitness, some trends are just not good for the mind, body or soul.

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Ahead, check out unhealthy trends that need to go out of style ASAP. 

1. Belly Button Challenge

This week, a new trend began in China, where thousands of social media users were uploading photos of themselves attempting (and succeeding) the #BellyButtonChallenge. The trend aims to “reach your belly button from behind to show your good figure” – a feat that hardly proves that a person meets any health standards whatsoever. Just look at the many sized models in the industry, and you'll see that skinny does not necessarily equal healthy. 

2. Detox Diets

Detoxing, juicing, cleansing – these terms have become all the rage in recent years. While giving your body a break from processed foods, alcohol and other not-so-healthy ingredients can be beneficial from time to time, it’s unhealthy to rely solely on detox diets for weight loss and healthy living. Instead of depleting your body of necessary nutrients, try to a consistent, well-balanced diet that will keep you on track.

3. Thigh Gap

The thigh gap trend took off as a result of some women trying to achieve skinny, model-like thighs, despite being given beautiful, curvy bodies. That's not to say that those who naturally have this gap between their thighs should be embarrassed. All bodies are beautiful, so let's start focusing on what these legs of ours can do - like walk, run, and of course, dance - versus how they look.

Celebrities such as Demi Lovato have since boycotted trying to achieve this trend not meant for her body.

4. Gluten-Free

Wherever you turn, it seems as though the term “gluten-free” is being thrown around. But is it really a healthy trend? For those with a sensitivity to foods containing gluten or those with celiac disease, going gluten-free is the way to be. For all others, though, a gluten-free diet is not so beneficial. “Needlessly” going gluten-free results in nutrient deficiencies and a weakened immune system – so don’t just jump on the bandwagon without consulting a doctor first.

5. Waist Training

Waist training has gained recent popularity after celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Polizzi strapped on corsets and swore by its slimming results. But it’s important to know of the possibly harmful effects of waist training, such as back pain, before you fully rely on them. Instead, let’s keep healthy eating and regular exercise as the go-to trends.