Study Reveals Music Can Ease All Your Post-Surgery Pain And Anxiety

Study Reveals Music Can Ease All Your Post-Surgery Pain And Anxiety

Turn up the new Demi Lovato song — it could be good for you! A new study says that music can do more than soundtrack your morning commute. In fact, listening to musica can ease pain after surgery.

The researchers, who published their analysis on Wednesday in the scientific journal The Lancet, combed through medical literature for studies about music’s soothing power. They found hundreds of studies proving some benefits.

They report that surgery patients who listened to music either before, during or after surgery experienced reduced pain, less anxiety and more patient satisfaction. Most notably, patients listening to music used significantly less pain medication, and music helped patients drop two notches on a 10-point pain scale.

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The lead researcher, Dr. Catherine Meads of Brunel University, said the choice of music didn't appear to affect the results. In fact, patients chose their own music. “It could be anything from Spanish guitar to Chinese classical music,” she said. Does that mean we could listen to Shakira or Romeo Santos? (Please say yes!)

Dr. Meads added that the music didn’t appear to have any side effects. However, she did warn against playing music during an operation. “If surgeons are listening to music, it can be a bit of a distraction,” she cautioned. “So it may be it’s not such a wise idea to have it during the operation itself.”