Bilingualism Delays Alzheimer's Disease by Four Years

Bilingualism Delays Alzheimers by Four Years

Good news, Spanish speakers! Researchers have proven that speaking two languages can literally save your life. 

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According to a new study conducted by Ghent University, bilinguals have a later onset of Alzheimer's Disease compared to monolinguals, those who only speak one language. Researchers found that the disease onset among bilinguals was estimated at the age of 77, compared to 73 for those who speak one language. 

"These findings are not only important for cognitive wellbeing of patients, but also for healthcare policy," the researchers wrote. "Even a modest one-year delay would result in 11.8 million fewer cases worldwide. It is staggering that bilingualism generates effects, which no pharmacologic intervention up to date can aspire."

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In the past, researchers have proven that speaking a second language can help you become a better multitasker, help your raise more well-rounded children, improve your academic skills, and more.