Staff Health Challenge: Unexpected Workout

I have a confession to make: I’ve never had a proper workout regimen. I figured that with all of the speed-walking I do around NYC, climbing up and down stairs in the subway and living in a fourth floor walk-up, I was getting more than enough exercise. In fact, for a while I thought I should aim for less physical activity so I wouldn’t waste so many precious calories!

Imagine my surprise when I felt myself struggling through Monday’s tai chi lesson. What I thought would be a nice, easy-breezy class to help relieve stress has turned into a lower body workout! This week, my legs and hip were already sore for some reason and I hadn’t noticed until I had to balance on one foot while lifting, twisting, bending and stretching the other leg. Tai chi really tunes you into your body—and its tensions—because I hadn’t even realized my quads were so tense.

This morning I finally figured out why: Saturday night I went out dancing until 3 a.m.—in heels! At least I’ll have killer legs this summer. And maybe if I shook my stress away on the dance floor more often, I wouldn’t be so sore afterward. Because that’s definitely one workout I wouldn’t mind following at all.